Ep4: Unboxing the brand new iMac

The video all mac-fanboys have been waiting for, the unboxing of the new 20-inch metal Apple iMac. Daniel receives his iMac by mail a week earlier than promised, and unboxes it in front of 2 cameras as he goes through the contents of the box, as well as taking a first look at the iMac as well as the slim keyboards.

Note: In order to create the whole unboxing home video experience, this video has been left as unedited as possible.

  • It’s amazing how you can wait until all the cameras are set up properly before finally unboxing it. Anyone would’ve put down whatever they’re doing and unbox it the moment it arrives.

  • Yea… really… I surprise myself too… 😛 And I had to clear my table before I could turn it on, so that’s more waiting!

  • Ian

    hey cool stuff! Haha I’m thinking of getting the 20 inch imac too, and running vista with it. however, i would like to know why you’re not waiting for leopard to arrive first before getting the imac…

  • NTT

    Daniel is just too excited about the shiny new Macs… He couldn’t wait..


  • Er. He sounded so outta breath. Like bordering on Steve Jobs. With the pausing between pronouncements… Wait a SECOND. He has been assimilated by the Jobs Mind. He will become a Steve! NO DANIEL! I must call Doctor Crusher! WHERE’S Captain Jean Luc Picard!!! Somebody get me the Enterprise. *SLAP* Oh. Whoo. Almost lost my level there…

  • Ok I’ve finished watching the Unboxing. And its beautiful. I am sorry though But where’s the power brick?

  • Ian

    Yes must say that the unboxing ceremony has only caused me to want a new imac soon..argh Jobs why wouldn’t you release leopard faster!!..LOL.. I have this conspiracy theory that the new iMacs, iWork and iLife release coming before the major release of leopard is just a ploy to get consumers to purchase more copies of Tiger and keep apple sales high just before the release of leopard, because most people, like me, would rather wait a little while more for leopard before getting a new mac. hence i feel that this is a bad time to get a mac…DANIEL you’ve fallen for the trap!! Haha..unless you don’t mind buying leopard again when it comes out.. 🙂

  • Well, I have 2 reasons for getting it “in a rush”. Firstly, I can’t wait for leopard (it’ll reach Singapore earliest November this year) as I need a powerful computer now to work on our video projects. Secondly, I wanna be the first in Singapore to get one! 😛 More like for the sake of grabbing an exclusive for Channel 65 I guess… 😀

  • Oh, and secondly, I know 2 other people with Tiger, so we can all share a family pack for leopard when it comes out! 😀

  • Ian

    Haha.. ok ok..hope you’re enjoying your new iMac! Ahh…I ALSO WANT ONE!!

  • omg omg how cool is that!!

  • NTT


    Now then you see ah??

  • late then never dude. 🙂

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