Episode 34: Shiny new iMacs and Mile high Lan Parties!!

This episode of 65Bits is dedicated to all the sleep that was lost on the night of 7th of August, by the millions of Apple fans around the world. We would also like to remember the bytes that were lost in the numerous Refreshes of Engadget’s page during Apple’s Press Conference

You have done us great service and we will remember the sacrifice that all that oil and coal was burnt for your existance, all the nanoparticles of fibre optic cable you worn down, but mostly we will remember that your service benefited mankind, that the war was not fought in vain, that eventually the war on Terror will be won, and we will stay the course, and find the nu-cul-ar bombs. Did we get carried away Mr. Clump of Shrubs with stems of Moderate length?

This message is brought to you by the gAm3rZZ f4r p0li7icALzz AxEt10n (we pwn the Land Air and Seas on Virgin America)

Stories this week:

Apple announces new iMacs and iLife’08 as well as iWorks’08

Nokia signs a deal with Microsoft to utilize its PlayReady DRM scheme

Virgin America is the best Low Cost Airline ever!!!

Avago Technologies develops hybrid, touch-sensitive controller.

Ford-exclusive technology integrates digital media players and Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones into Cars.

Google Sells Online Storage Space.

Wii System Updates include new Metriod Prime preview.

iTunes Widget now available.

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