Ep1: Interview with Kevin Lim

We managed to catch Kevin Lim, creator of TheoryCast and Theory.isthereason.com, just before he left to complete his PHD in the states. In this first edition of Channel65, Daniel and Farinelli interview him to find out more about the whole concept of life casting and prosthetic memory, as well as what he keeps inside that backpack of his.

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  • Cool! Surprised to see you here too, Farinelli!

    BTW, can I request a download link somewhere? Would love to download it to watch on my portable media player.


  • Hi Uzyn! Figured I’d do something I actually like, for once. ^^

    We’re trying to smoothen out the flow of materials transfer, since this is all so new to us. As for this one, I’ll be converting the original clip to an iPod-compatible format soon, so watch out for it (prob a short announcement or something).

    And to anyone else reading, if you could suggest perhaps one more format to go along with the iPod one so that our episodes will be playable on most portable media platforms, feel free to suggest. Thanks!

  • NTT

    Xvid!!! Support the Open Source!!

  • We’re in the process of upgrading our veoh account. At this point, you can download it at our veoh channel through the Veoh TV application. Once the process is done, you’ll be able to subscribe to our show as a podcast 🙂

  • Terrific write up pertaining to Ep1: Interview with Kevin Lim. I enjoy this posts!

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