Episode 32: Apple = Microsoft, Microsoft = Apple?

For the first time, there might actually be a genuine leak from Apple! And Microsoft isn’t just going to do nothing and stand there, they decided to leak out their own secrets too! You know, by using their “We won’t tell you anything, but here’s everything” technique. Maybe that way, people will think that there’s actually stuff over at Microsoft even worth hiding. The hype race has just begun…

And we don’t have a problem with our Prime Minister’s pay…

Don’t forget to post your “What makes a Singaporean” line for next week’s NDP special!

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Daniel Tsou is our fabulous host, who decides mostly what we talk about and basically calls the shots, Yes, he does. I, writer of this bio on Mr Tsou is very much afraid that by commiting this post to words, I will be dragged off in the night by a black Truck, or a Segway more like. Other than that, Daniel is tall, lived for a period of time in Venezuela and Spain, and is enthusiastic for all things tech.
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