Episode 30: E3 Bonanza and Geek Terminal Fiesta

This episode, our milestone 30th episode, is truly the most epic as well. We bring to you over 30 minutes of technology goodness, brought to you with TLC by our very own Tech65 Crew. And what a crew it is this week, with the inclusion of two new members to our Tech65 family, Ren Hao ,akaed as Farinelli, the Italian Castrato from the 17th Century and Kai Yi, akaed as the Car guy. Anyway we welcome them to our illustrious C-List of Tech celebrities and can only hope they will continuing showing up for our podcasts!

But now onto our podcast, this week is E3 week and most disappointingly this year’s E3 is a MUCH smaller affair compared to previous years, concordantly there is less buzz surrounding the event. This is not that bad actually in a sortaishly way. We’ll leave it to you to decide. The main stories that came from this amalgamation of major content and hardware distributors in one big event was some product announcements and updates. But first up is Nintendo news, where we are treated to a view of the new controller for the Wii, some new games from Nintendo. And next up there’s major announcements from Sony, a price drop that may or may not last long, a new thinner and lighter PSP that’ll appeal to new console buyers, a lighter PS2 *a PS2 Lite-Lite?* and a price drop for all you American listeners out there who want to purchase a PS3. The price for the 60 giger will be 499 and the new 80 giger will be 599. Lastly the 360 is getting a new Chatboard, basically a thumb board for your MSNing pleasure.

Lastly there’s news from Apple once again and some hope for Vista users… of sorts.

Stories this week:

Voice recorders (In response to email)

That’s all this week!

With Much Love,
Daniella, Jennifer, Nathalia, Renee, and Kaylie
The Tech65 Crew.

  • Wah…your team is growing! Thanks for the shoutout =)

    Oh…I really thought there were going to be babes in this episode…haha

  • NTT

    Babes eh?? Hmm… We should try next time.. :p

  • Ask Estee la. 😛

  • Wow arrow someone already. *licks lips… er because they were dry! REALLY!*

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