Episode 28: The iPhone Episode

This week’s episode started off with us resolving NOT to talk about the iPhone, AKA the Jesusphone, AKA the One Phone, AKA that thingy. Yes. Its finally arrived. And yet it hasn’t. Because for us in Singapore and the rest of the world outside of the ol’ US of A. Yes well, now that it is over all the hype is generally accepted to be well warrented. But first some non iPhone news, the next gen iPod will run OSX and all Apple employees are gonna get an iPhone. Well, no we could’ve ignored this news but its … Ok Ok it is iPhone related happy!? In other news, the first Machinima has ended after 100 glorious episodes, the Macbook Pro comes with a spiffy camera that we don’t really know about unless you know where to look and well like us bothered to find out. And lastly we also look at the Wii and its

Now lets look at the iPhone. And the associated hype, the associated rhetoric, the associated love and hatred. This is the device that eclispes all other gadget launches across the week, hell across the month. Any company even thinking about launching a product this month would find the coverage dedicated to them would be thin on the ground at best. But in our podcast we try to sum it all up, put everything in perspective and hope that we would get a review set at some point when the iPhone v2 comes, who knows when and we can’t wait.

Lots of Love,
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