Episode 27: The lost episode, in stereo!

After almost a week of waiting, Episode 27 is finally back! We’ve learnt our lesson about backing up, and now let’s get back to talking tech!

This week we decided to try a better way to record our show (a method that eventually allowed us to recover our lost episode) by using Belkin’s iPod voice recorder! With stereo goodness in hand, we talked about the tech conferences that has been happening in Singapore, and the upgrading of Buzz pods in Singapore to feature Wi-Fi, and Internet Access kiosks by PacNet as well. Creative’s Zen Stone which we roundly dissed when it came out has a successor already, and this is what the Zen Stone should have been in the first place. HP on the other hand, reveals some budget cameras for everyone, and Youtube goes mobile. In PSP news, a new firmware update has allowed for the running of the PSP at full speed. Last but not least, how can we not talk about the iPhone?

Much Love,
Jack Daniels and No Touchy Touchy.

Daniel Tsou is our fabulous host, who decides mostly what we talk about and basically calls the shots, Yes, he does. I, writer of this bio on Mr Tsou is very much afraid that by commiting this post to words, I will be dragged off in the night by a black Truck, or a Segway more like. Other than that, Daniel is tall, lived for a period of time in Venezuela and Spain, and is enthusiastic for all things tech.
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