Episode 24: The Future's Bright, The Future's... Wait a Minute...

All da peeps on da floor say HEY!!!! HO!!! This week, we learn something monumental, something astounding, Ol’ Gatesy and His Royal Steveness are NOT in fact mortal enemies as stated in the Book of Tech, written by NostradoMOO. Microsoft reveals something truly revolutionary, something that capitalised on all the years of experience, all the efforts of everyone else to create something, in a word, AMAZING! Palm makes us scratch our heads and wonder if we’ve been teleported back to the 20th century and we learn that we in Singapore actually CAN innovate! Just in the things that aren’t flashy and attract a lot of attention! HEY backend’s important TOO! Singtel’s release of a coupla new services attracts our attention and LOADS of other snippets that will astound, amaze and makes you realise that we truly are living in the 21st century. Soon enough we’ll be having cars that only pollute marginally less then they did in the 70s!

The Lost Prophets,
Jerrick the Marginally Interesting, Daniel the Eminently Useful and NTT the new arrival.

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