Episode 27: The lost episode, in stereo! Posted on: June 30, 2007 at 1:17 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

After almost a week of waiting, Episode 27 is finally back! We’ve learnt our lesson about backing up, and now let’s get back to talking tech!

This week we decided to try a better way to record our show (a method that eventually allowed us to recover our lost episode) by using Belkin’s iPod voice recorder! With stereo goodness in hand, we talked about the tech conferences that has been happening in Singapore, and the upgrading of Buzz pods in Singapore to feature Wi-Fi, and Internet Access kiosks by PacNet as well. Creative’s Zen Stone which we roundly dissed when it came out has a successor already, and this is what the Zen Stone should have been in the first place. HP on the other hand, reveals some budget cameras for everyone, and Youtube goes mobile. In PSP news, a new firmware update has allowed for the running of the PSP at full speed. Last but not least, how can we not talk about the iPhone?

Much Love,
Jack Daniels and No Touchy Touchy.

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iPhone Coverage and a Lack of an Exit Strategy Posted on: June 27, 2007 at 11:16 pm Posted in: Announcements

My dear Listeners,

It pains us to say that we are not going to post this week’s podcast on the site. Reasons are threefold. First, our computer that we use to upload the podcast, is broken officially. And we didn’t get a chance to upload it when we wanted to during the weekend due to a bad connection. But here’s a summary of this week’s podcast.

The main points this week include, the upgrading of Buzz pods in Singapore to feature Wi-Fi, and Internet Access kiosks by PacNet as well. Creative’s Zen Stone which we roundly dissed when it came out has a successor already, and this is what the Zen Stone should have been in the first place. Double the memory of the shuffle, a screen, FM radio, voice recorder and still very much cheaper than a Shuffle! Truly a good proposition for those who haven’t jumped on the iTunes bandwagon. We also talk about some cameras that we may never see in Singapore by the wonderful company of HP. They all look really good and would probably make a good budget proposition. Check it out on the HP site. We also see the emergence of new Youtube features, some of which truly amazing, such a the ability to edit your movies online, a mobile portal *something we will see more of in the iPhone* and the establishment of International sites.

In PSP news, a new firmware update has allowed for the running of the PSP at full speed, *333mhz for those curious people* however this means lower battery life but more frames, and I’ve read that the first game to take advantage of this speedbump would be God Of War.

And lastly we talk about the iPhone and see a future for it in Singapore. A future in 2008 with possible 3G. This panel of editors also are worried at the implications of the virtual keyboard and are most concerned about the price and how it would affect its uptake in Singapore. It would seem that we’re a bunch of iPhone pessimists but actually we are truly truly amazed by the sheer integration that has been achieved with the iPhone and the connectivity that it would offer. This would be the first phone ever to truly truly be able to achieve the coveted status of Well Executed Converged Device for any strata of Society.

Much Love,
Jack Daniels and No Touchy Touchy.

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We tried our best, but we lost him… Sorry… Posted on: at 6:30 pm Posted in: Announcements

I’m really sorry to announce that last week’s episode, episode 27, will not be up in time due to unforseen circumstances. A broken internet connection prevented the episode from getting uploaded in time on Sunday night, so we tried to get it up on Monday afternoon, hoping at the same time that we can attract the afternoon crowd on Ping.sg only to discover that the hard disk which the podcast was on had died completely, thus causing all it’s data, along with the podcast, to be lost.

Episode 27 is still in the iPod, however, as last week was the first time we decided to try doing the show in stereo. However, as I am still in camp with my iPod, we are unable to get it up before the week is over.

We sincerely apologize for depriving you listeners an episode this week, and hope we will still see you guys again next week.

Yours Sincerely,

Daniel, Jerrick, NTT

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The Apologies Abound Posted on: June 25, 2007 at 11:01 pm Posted in: Announcements

One thousand Apologies, and then some to all you loyal listeners out there. Our podcast this week has been delayed due to unforseen technical difficulties as we were trying out a new recording device for our podcast. Please be patient and our dear readers you will get your just rewards soon.

With love and kindness,
Daniela, Jorick, NTeeTee

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Episode 26: Cheap PS3… Fo’ Real? Apple Disappointment, New New New! Posted on: June 17, 2007 at 1:01 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

Whose Podcast is this Anyway?! OUR PodCAST its 65 Bits. This episode we talk about the WWDC keynote and how it disappointed the heck outta the average Tech-fan. There’re new Sony Ericsson Phones out along with an Archos designed competitor to AppleTV. TAKE that! Get yourself protected for Free with the new Zonealarm firewall for Windows Vista! And of course, there’re rumours of a PS3 price cut. That’s right RUMOURS from the mouth of Sony’s CEO! And failing Russian computers on the International Space Station puts the fear of god in our hearts.

From your beloved Starbucks Fans,
DoCoMo, Jingtel and Dodafone.

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Episode 25 is back on the feed Posted on: June 16, 2007 at 8:28 pm Posted in: Announcements

Hey guys!

I just returned from camp to discover that Episode 25 was left out from the feed. That means that those of you who subscribed to the show probably didn’t get Episode 25. We’ve fixed the problem already, and it’s back up. We apologize for the inconvienience. Thank you for your understanding, and we hope you enjoy the episode!


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Episode 25: New Macbook Pros, More Room to Wii about, and A revolutionary Car Posted on: June 10, 2007 at 9:19 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

This particular episode we record at Suntec’s famed Sky Garden to the wonderful strains of wind blowing and leaves rustling and well, it could be worse. The Tech65 technical staff is fully aware of the problems and of course we will try and get something done, but of course resources are a Major problem and well here goes. This week, we see an incredible resurgence from Palm from of all places, spy photos, and we hope and pray that these are a real Palm product in the future, New Macbook Pros make a splash with their new graphics, new screen, and Centrino Pro, we discuss the various vagaries of the tech world today including Solid State Drives, job cards, virtual keyboards and more! Last on our show today is a quick discussion of a new car that changes the way we look at small engined turbocharged cars! The Volks Golf GT.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Tech-meisters
James and Dean

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Episode 24: The Future’s Bright, The Future’s… Wait a Minute… Posted on: June 3, 2007 at 2:48 pm Posted in: 65Bits,Podcasts

All da peeps on da floor say HEY!!!! HO!!! This week, we learn something monumental, something astounding, Ol’ Gatesy and His Royal Steveness are NOT in fact mortal enemies as stated in the Book of Tech, written by NostradoMOO. Microsoft reveals something truly revolutionary, something that capitalised on all the years of experience, all the efforts of everyone else to create something, in a word, AMAZING! Palm makes us scratch our heads and wonder if we’ve been teleported back to the 20th century and we learn that we in Singapore actually CAN innovate! Just in the things that aren’t flashy and attract a lot of attention! HEY backend’s important TOO! Singtel’s release of a coupla new services attracts our attention and LOADS of other snippets that will astound, amaze and makes you realise that we truly are living in the 21st century. Soon enough we’ll be having cars that only pollute marginally less then they did in the 70s!

The Lost Prophets,
Jerrick the Marginally Interesting, Daniel the Eminently Useful and NTT the new arrival.

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