Episode 23: This week in the SKREE!!!! Oops.

Why hello there, Its your friendly 65bits Editor coming at you live… Ish. This week’s podcast touches on several wonderful things. First up, we talk about the Wireless life in Singapore, and how the capitalists are holding us down, but we will not GIVE IN! Vive LA REVOLUTION!!!! Speaking of revolutions, the highest phone call in the world has been placed, and it was through a Motorola… Mmm I wonder about that guy’s roaming charges. The death of an operating system is commemorated and we complain about a lack of coherence from the definitive Singaporean tech company. Dell surprises us and PS3 gets the features they were supposed to get in the first place and Sony shows off how techy they can be with some fancy schmancy holographic tech. Lastly, we are Wiied on by the makers of the Wii over the removal of a key port for modding. Thanks to all you listeners out there, we sincerely do love you guys in a way that’s proportionate and not in any way sexual.

With much adoration,
Ahl Bhe Bhack.
Your friendly neighbourhood Techies.

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