Episode 22: Welcome to the... Social?

Hello my lovelies, This week our guest star, the wonderful Justin Lee, who lives in Canada but has returned to our tropical heat sink of an island just for us, for US… MUAHAHAHAHA. This episode we talk about Zunes which are trying to be cool by tattooing itself, being all divaish, and demanding a factory for itself. We talk about Halo 3, Starcraft III (sic) II *Ed: JERRICK!!!!!* And the eastern iteration of AOE III. HELP its the attack of the Sequels!!! We have a new old Macbook, and an old new IBM. We also see how Microsoft has succeeded-ish with Vista and how Sony is failing-ish with the PS3. And plenty of other sidenotes that Justin gracefully introduced to us! Till next week guys!

Jonic, Duckles, and Dr Egghead.

  • Heyo guys! I’m impressed! But the audio is abit distorted. Is it the mic or what? (Not that it’s a lousy mic it’s already very good for a black dot) If not compression will seal the deal.

    I’ll be following your podcasts!

  • Thanks Renhao! And Its the compression, its a 10 meg file but its a 29 minute podcast, 2+2= Distortion. Also outdoor locations tend to add to the … shall we say ambient noise, *Remember screaming girl from last week’s ep?*

  • NTT

    I think the ambient noise is more annoying that the distortion. You guys should try to get a better mic, something able to pick up lesser ambiance. Or close-mic yourselves.

  • Right. We always thought it was kinda fun to have like some stuff in the background because you’d never know what on earth could happen next. But Yes, Thank y’all for raising these points, afterall we live to serve and serve we will, somehow we will scrounge up some cash for a new mike or a new location. Mmmm

  • hm

    Maybe you should try botanical gardens next. 😛

  • Wah… NTT found this site too. Small world haha.

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