Episode 18: The Pokemon One, LIVE from Starbucks

We talk about several things this episode. First thing, we see a new Linux distro that is usable for the average user and doesn’t require much by way of set up! Are you listening OSzilla? We also look at new Mac video editing software and Google has created a presentation software but accessible anywhere. Microsoft creating a Zune Phone and not selling very well at all in China? Are we surprised, especially with Dell choosing to start offering XP again! Jerrick buys a DS Lite simply because of Pokemon, just coz the cutesy charecters will attract the ladies. (Ed: No, Jerrick it wont….) and Wii coming? Do we care? Do we want one? *SCREAMING HORDES: YES YESSSS YESSHHHHHH!!!!!*

Your Average Nintendo Lovers,
Jario and Duigi.

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