The Singapore Launch of C&C3

The launch of Command and Conquer 3 in Singapore was a massive blowout event. Thousands of people queued up just to get their grubby paws on the latest and greatest version of that beautiful game that we call Command and Conquer. First a little background, C&C has been around for about 12 years, and in that time it has spawned brilliant games that simply played on a simple premise, the pitting of two implacable sides, each armed to the teeth with modern and incredibly deadly technologies, the missions were usually much fun with briefings given by actors with a deliciously melodramatic bent. All told it was a great twelve years and now EA is here to do it all over again, with one exception, Better.

How so? The fanatics would scream at this editor, but how do you improve on the most pure, most bad boy, most on the edge of your teeth Real Time Strategy. Simple, by making it purer, more bad ass, and even more on the edge of your teeth. But, Editor? You might ask, editor, you can’t just can’t improve on perfection, Red Alert 2, The Original C&C etc. You can with creative use of already established techniques, (advanced waypointing systems, multiple construction queues, and my personal fave, the ability to view matches) These simple techniques allow for much more control over your troops, for what is a commander in battlefield but for control. True, you may be overwhelmed by these new features, but one thing I truly love is that the game does not FORCE you to learn these new techniques, as great as they are. You may feel more comfortable just doing the simple drag click and scroll and C&C 3 allows you to do that. It is in this that the Third iteration of C&C excels, providing more features for Hardcore games and yet still giving the purists something to bite on.

Bad ass gaming is hard to do these days, and EA tries its hand at creating something new, different and possibly great. The Skrin. That name sends shivers down your spine no? And it is this whole new additional race that creates a new dynamic in the game. This race looks like a cross between the Borg and Starcraft’s Zerg, and this my friends is not a bad thing. These aliens THRIVE on Tiberium. Love it. And probably would mate with it if they could. Nevertheless, the additional race is a nice almost welcome addition, though I do think that EA may be better served by making the GDI and NOD missions richer.

This version of C&C is so much on the edge, that I thought I was bleeding after playing the game. The Graphics are Beautiful, the explosions nice and bloomy, and of course you will need a suitably powerful PC to run this game, but hey, eat in for a couple of months, sell your mother, sell… well I’ll say valuable things. This game shows that EA is capable of greatness, and they must innovate, selling on tried and true methods will only get you so far.

I leave you with some pictures of the event.


Someday, we WILL be on that board!!


Some Party eh?

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