Episode 13: The Luckiest Episode

Dear All,

It is with much joy that I inform you that our luck has finally changed. We have been recognised on an international stage. Ish. Lol. This week, we can’t help but talk about Hi-Def console gaming, and Wiiing in the wind, the hell with the concequences, I don’t quite know what it means, but I wanted to say it so indulge me. Ultra Ultra PCs, iTunes updates, Google being all WE WANNA DO EVERYTHING! HP actually making a nice powerful PC for us Singaporean users out there, Please don’t water it down. Please… Pllleeaseee. And lastly we stand corrected about Vista, It has NOT actually been cracked! Mein Gott! Microsoft actually is SAFE, is nothing in the world sacred anymore, we can’t even complain about how they can’t do anything right! And lastly we receive our first Email, EVER!

The luckiest dudes ever, Dan & Jer

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