Episode 6.7: THE ACTUAL iPhone episode

This episode we wax lyrical about the iPhone, and unfortunately or typically, or even classically, or better yet as is customary for any piece of new technology, come to a conclusion that is wholly unsatisfactory. We are pleased with the work that Apple has put out, and Daniel has abandoned his Wii fantasies *doesn’t that just sound deliciously dirty* and moved on to the iPhone… We also mention other MacWorld finds. This episode comes to you courtesy of the good people at Skype! Our first call-in episode!

With a tinge of doubt that sends guilt through our Apple loving heinies, Jamilla and Daniella (Alter Drag Queen Egos of Jerrick And Daniel)

P.S. Yes we’re straight, and Yes Daniel’s all Man, much like Daniel Craig… Jerrick’s All Man and then some;)

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